Battle Abbey

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Battle Abbey is a remote mountain hut perched at tree line in the middle of dramatic skiing and mountaineering terrain. The hut is accessed by a 15 minute helicopter flight from Golden, BC.

The lodge sleeps 14 guests in three private rooms and two dormitories. We now have new beds as of 2011.  Down comforters, bedding and towels are provided. There are two bathrooms. The downstairs bathroom has a woodstove and a shower. The upstairs bathroom is adjacent to the bedrooms. Two guides, a cook and a custodian stay in the Pump House and the Abbot's Quarters.

We renovated the living room in the Fall of 2010.  It is now a much warmer and comfortable room to relax in after skiing.  The lodge is heated by two wood stoves and there is a new propane range for cooking. Refrigeration is provided, for free, by the Great Outdoors.

There are lights and a stereo powered by photovoltaic panels and a wind generator. Bring your iPod if you would like to listen to music while you are at the lodge. During times with no wind or sun, the electrical system can be charged with a gas generator. There is limited power available for charging electronic equipment.

After skiing, guests can wash in the downstairs shower. Water is heated by solar panels and by the wood stoves.

The lodge is comfortable and has an eclectic appeal.

The Lodge

  • sleeps 14 guests in 5 rooms with new beds
  • has a newly renovated living room as of 2010
  • has indoor AND outdoor plumbing
  • has a propane range for cooking and two woodstoves for heating
  • has NO SAUNA but does have a WONDERFUL SHOWER, the hot water system was upgarded in 2009 so there is plenty of hot water.
  • is a 12 to 15 minute helicopter ride SW of Golden, BC
  • can be found on map sheet 82K14 Westfall River on Schooner Ridge
  • has limited 110V AC power for charging electronic equipment
  • has a high fidelity quadrophonic sound system which can play mp3 players such as iPods
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